If you live in Central Florida, you’d have to agree with me that this Caylee Anthony case has completely got out of control.  It’s disgusting how the media has been going on and on about this for months.  You’d almost believe there was nothing better to talk about.  Certainly not the housing crisis…

… or joblessness…

… or Central Florida Blood Banks profiteering off donated blood for their board of directors…

… or the endless homeless problem…

… or the rising murder rate…

…or the State’s lame duck do-nothing governor who only seems to be able to take a position when it comes to what brand of  brand of sun-tan lotion to use in between press conferences where he assures everyone that ‘everything’s going to be fine’ as long as you don’t ask questions or think about the situation at large, of course.

To think, that those are just things that I’ve thought of off the top of my head. It’s almost epic how absurd the circus around this case has become.  It’s a nice convoluted murder case involving a cute child.  Children die and get kidnapped, murdered, and raped all the time.   Yesterday on Rio Grande and 34th street a little black girl was dragged into an abandoned house and raped, but that’s not ratings, that doesn’t do anything for ‘the news show,’  and believe you me, they mean it when they say show.   So instead the local news decided to take two hours of our time to hype up thier created story some more and spend two hours attending the Caylee Anthony Memorial.

The intrepid news reporters gathered outside, there must have at least been a dozen of them standing around some talking in a microphone, some standing in front of a camera yakking away, and most of them were smiling.  Some reporters, during the radio and TV broadcast were saying things like ‘the place has sold out.’  A brilliant slip.  Or ‘they were packed in the aisles.’   Lying right to everyone’s faces.  The First Baptist Church of Orlando can hold, at capacity five-thousand people.  I know this because it’s almost impossible to live in Orlando and not know that.   I also know that the church had only slightly over one-thousand people show up.  Most of them probably being the church faithful and the kooks who can’t keep their noses out of other people’s business.  I hold them as accountable as the damnable ‘news’ media for keeping the hype around this ridiculous story going.

When it was first being discussed and the girl was first being searched for, just from hearing it talked about on the news radio, what was going on was fairly obvious.  The relevant facts were, at the time, that the child was missing, the mother was lying, and no one else in the family was saying anything. It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out just from that alone.  The mother was a party girl and a druggie.  She wanted to keep the party going and the kid was getting in the way, she killed the child (probably drugged her to sleep resulting in an accidental overdose) and the media caught wind of this and tried to make it out to be the crime of the century.   They created this story, nursed it like a little baby, and now that it’s all grown up and they are trying to force it into college to they can live off it’s success, metaphorically.

Logically, this wouldn’t have been that big a deal if they hadn’t spent months with some of the most inept and lame reporting I’ve ever seen trying to make this out to be more than it was.  They started parking in front of the grandparents house, reminding them every day that their granddaughter was missing, and most likely dead, just by their mere presence.  Meanwhile every inbred and retard in the area descended outside the house like and angry mob to take out their outrage that a cute little white girl from the suburbs could have been killed (because we all know people expect this sort of thing from a ghetto) and spent days disrupting the other people in the neighborhood, throwing a fit, and generally acting like the stereotypical image of a Florida uber-religious hillbilly.  The best example of this, and proves a great many things about how hypocritical most of these people are, was this fat red neck woman who came and started yelling at the grandfather and then during the argument her son fell out of the car and injured himself (if I remember correctly it was a break)  and she drove off while the injured child was flipping the grandfather off.

Funny for many reasons.  First that she cared more about a dead little girl than raising her child right and being responsible enough to keep them from getting severely injured while mommy fights with strangers about things they aren’t even at fault for. You think that poor old man wanted his daughter to kill his grandchild?  Please.   Second it was funny for the fact that many of the other ‘protesters’ outside the house didn’t think there was anything wrong with the woman’s behavior or even her son getting hurt.   Idiots.

Then this asshole from California, this know-nothing bumbling bounty hunter Leonard, decides he’s gonna bail Casey, the dead girl’s mother, out of jail.  Then he’s going to get her to tell him where the girl is.   Guess what didn’t happen?  Oh but the news media was more than happy to facilitate the hype of the story further, after all it’s easy.  You don’t have to research or do any actual reporting when the story just does the work for you.  Oh boy and the ratings!  So the guy starts trying to find the body on hunches when Casey gets sent back to prison for writing forged checks while on bail (retard) and he finds some crap in a swamp and tells the news ‘WE FOUND HER, OH WAIT SORRY IT WAS JUST A SACK OF OLD LEGOS!’

Around and around it goes, and the whole time this madness has been going on the local news has been behind it every step of the way.  Even national news media dread leech Nancy Grace has taken an interest in order to further her own career and ride on the backs of dead children with the pretense of actually caring.  Hah.  You can’t live in this area and not hear every little detail, it’s impossible.

… but they were smiling.   Something about that doesn’t sit right with me.  It’s bad enough that they single-handedly have ruined any chances of the grandparents having a normal grieving process, nearly drove one of them to suicide (baker act saved him) and have turned the tragic death of one little girl into a show.   Perhaps it’s the shamelessness of it all.

Oh yes the grandfather looks so sad, quick get a close up in case he sheds a tear.  Now lets talk about how Little Caylee has angel wings and now guides all the dead and lost children to Heaven to be with Jesus, now lets get this preacher out here to sing and get other people to sing, lets turn this into a real circus.  Don’t point out that the turnout was less than expected, that we said it’d be ‘sold out’ that we said it’d be filled to capacity and it’s not, because then we’d have to face the fact that people aren’t as interested in this as we’d like them to think.  We’d have to do more than smile and say ‘isn’t that tragic’ or ‘isn’t that so sad’ while smirking and thinking of those delicious ratings.

In the end, the First Baptist Church got two hours of free media exposure on every local channel, a little girl is still dead, and this ‘story’ won’t stop being covered  anytime soon.

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