When I first registered to Blog Catalog, I did so at the behest of The Warden.    Somehow, I was under the mistaken impression that it was a good site to ‘get noticed’ on.   I was only half right, as it’s a good place to get noticed by Habeeb and Hadji’s spam emporium, good luck finding a breathing and intelligent human being in this seething pit of stupidity.   I don’t know who moderates this site, but whoever it is must be the most down syndrome infested retard to ever walk the face of the earth.   Holy shit, I have never seen so many Viagra blogs, recycled content blogs, crappy online storefront blogs, ‘blogging tips’ blogs and ‘make money online’ blogs in my entire life.   This site barely encourages ‘networking’, it’s a lot easier to just add every spammer who makes a friend request and leaves a stupid comment on your ‘shout box’ than to try and pick and choose.   If you’re looking for actual humans and not whoever is surfing the web looking to promote his Viagra blog while working from his local Sprint call center in New Delhi, then you, my friend, are fucked.

It’s fairly common on some sites to have junk, and such.    You can’t keep all the spammers out, which is true in and of itself.   Whereas most sites at least endeavor to keep most of the spammers out, Blog Catalog has taken a unique and novel approach to the spam issue… they don’t even try to prevent it.   I spent three hours today clicking blogs, of the blogs I clicked only 2 of them were actual blogs about things other than ‘blogging’ or ‘internet marketing,’ and only one of them was a blog that actually had content on it that didn’t consist of some jack-offs twitter ‘tweets.’    This isn’t the only day I’ve tried to find some people a random either, but some days I try to find people by interests.   So I would go to say the ‘humor’ group and browse the members there, and they were Indians as well! It’s like a really boring version of Night Of The Living Dead only instead of zombies trying to eat your brains it’s Indian guys trying to sell you cell phones and cheap prescription medications.

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Oh, what’s that?  ‘It can’t be that bad.’  Yeah, take a look at these shout box comments that I’ve had the pleasure of receiving, they are so legit and not at all generic form spam intended solely to get people to come to their blog and buy shoes made by slave kids in Hong-Kong.

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hi please visit my blog at [link removed] all about love songs, please share some tips and comment about my site, and follow as follower, ok and tell me that you’ve followed on my blog, and tell me which blog you want me to follow, so i will follow your blog too thank y

Love songs?  I hate love songs.   What’s more unoriginal or generic or cliche than a damn love song?   It’s the crutch of mediocre musicians the world over to be mercilessly co-dependent on writing and singing love songs.  Fuck your love song blog, you god damn Snake-Charming, 7-11 franchise owning, call center working son of a bitch!

Famous birthday today- Vincent Van Gogh! Look here- [link broken] bestbooksreview.com/2009/03/famous-birthday-today-vincent-van-gogh/ Enjoy!

Uh huh, why would a site called ‘best books (good use of plural form there) review’ have an article about Vincent Van Gogh’s birthday? Spammers are so damn stupid.

H, how do you do, visit here and your very nice blog, I hope you will visit me and my blog too if you have time. Thank you.

Sure! I’d love to. Plz friend me so I can blog about your blog and then we can all blog the blogity blog.

hi, nice blog…leave you comment to my[link removed] as well if you like it ..Thanks

Translation: Hi! I didn’t read anything you wrote, instead of going to your site I’ll just reply here at blog catalog thereby defeating the purpose of promoting your blog to begin with on this retarded site!

Hello, I’m eric from jogja. I have added you to my friends list, you can also add me and visit my blog., I have created a new blog which contains about how to make a good blog, I am happy if you can share your tips with me.and I hope to share more of it now. regard.

Okay Eric from Jogja, I’ll bite… let me see your amazing blog about making blogs. I’m sure it will blow me the fuck away!  I swear, what the hell can some damn Indian moron with a modem tell people about blogging?  The fucker can barely form a coherent thought and he’s going to give people ‘blog advice’?  These idiots are all part of a giant scheme to get people, as in poor assholes from India that think 25 cents a month is an awesome haul of money, to flood the internet with junk pertaining to one source or link in order to raise it’s google ranking or to give it a sort of ‘viral marketing’ facade of legitimacy.   I’m often amazed at how much time you can click links on these sites, like the rabbit hole, and see just how far it goes.   Links upon links leading to fuck-all.

Hey! I’ve also added you as a firend.If you’re interested, you can join our affiliate program. Our new Website Essentials Guide is getting a lot of attention and should be a huge success! We’re releasing it in just a few days. Here’s to our success together!

Oh boy, web essentials! I could sure go for some more spam in my e-mail box and ‘products’ that do nothing. Where do I sign?!

Hi, thanks for ur visit. I have visited ur blogs & both the blogs are really very good. Just keep it up & keep visiting in my blog too. Have a nice day.

I have read your blog. It is good like my blog. Like every blog, that is in a state of blogness. Truly the blog of blogging will help us to see the goodness that is in every blog that gets added to the blog of the blog’s blog. Have a day.

i’m RazoJr from Malaysia….its nice to know you my dear frenz..such a good contents, keep on blogging yaa. Be my pleasure to fill in my Guestbook List… TQ. [link removed]

Who are you and why are you asking me to fill out your guestbook?   This isn’t the 90s anymore dipshit, no one uses ‘guestbooks’ ffs.

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‘Oh that’s just your comments, Blog Catalog is super cool!  You’re just mad because you’re not popular.”   Bullshit.   Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.  Look on any blog’s comments on Blog Catalog, the AIDS pit that it is, and you’ll see  comments like the ones above, they are everywhere. Don’t think for one second that, within five minutes, I couldn’t fill out at least three more pages of comments like the ones above from other people’s blogs.  I don’t know why they allow these people in corporate call centers to access the internet, but they need to stop.   The internet is already full of enough stupidity and garbage without redundant spam and nonsense comments to be plastered everywhere that has a ‘submit’ button by a bunch of underpaid Indian slave workers with a loose grasp of English and a burning desire to help people blog ‘better.’

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