I done goofed, is what I did.

First thing, to provide a brief explanation, due to some issues I was having with a credit card I was paying for this site with I accidentally maybe sort of kinda let the hosting lapse.

I had the site set to do automatic daily backups, one in the morning and one at night, but the problem was that all these backups were saved on the server. Woopsie doodles, well that means that when the lapse happened I lost EVERYTHING before August of last year. 

Thankfully the Wayback Machine archived those articles as well as the comments, downside of course being that it didn’t save the images, nor the .mp3s of the various lazycasts I did during the elections.  So while I can find the pictures for most of the articles I’m afraid my sexy voice’s commentary of the election of glorious Papa Trumpu may be hard to recover.  I will restore the missing articles in time.

Secondarily, the Warden is MIA.  A lot of his articles were lost due to the weird way I had the site backed up.  I just had a copy of the physical files and an old database.  During the great election wars we butted heads a lot, and obviously we can’t seem to agree on politics.  Though that has nothing in particular to do with his articles missing from the site.  I’m going to try and at least restore the flame war saga articles as those were fun.  Though I’m doubtful he’ll ever write for this site again.

I’m going to change my format on this site, including a new skin and layout, for now just getting everything visible again took way more time due to my own laziness and annoyance at having to fix this mess.

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