is a humor and creative writing collaboration between two old hands at sowing chaos, disrupting communities, crushing the weak, and general internetting.  But that schtick got boring, so Nonpersons raised its flags and opened its gates in 2009 as the permanent home of Mr. Repose and Warden Wells.  Here they rant, rave, ramble and remember when there were other sites out there worth bothering to fuck with.

Here at Nonpersons, you’ll find an accute appreciation of wit, insight, introspection and a touch of awkward rage.  Content ranges from articles to short stories to podcasts and more.  Enjoy your stay and leave a comment or 20.


plural noun: nonpersons
  1. a person regarded as nonexistent or unimportant, or as having no rights; an ignored or forgotten person.
    “these players were famous within their own communities, but nonpersons outside them”