The sun was pure and the skies were a crystal blue, the light broke through the trees on the narrow road like the fingers of angels gently stroking the torn and broken surface of the world. I was at peace with myself, as I drove though the back roads of the country. The simple joy of these long rides though those barely visited places far away from the hustle of the consumer world. The flurry of early shopping and 24-hour mega stores. The memories of that place haunting me even this far out away from it all.

I stopped along the side of the road to have a sandwich, there was time now for such things. No rushing to get to the office on time, or to pay the bills. Just the road, earth, and sky. These moments seemed to me like those hazy seconds after awaking from a dream, when your perception is blurry and confusing. The dream was where I came from, and the longer I was awake here in this new world the more distant it became. The details gradually lost and forgotten yet still prominent enough for me to know that they were out there somewhere, looking on the horizon of the dreamscape in my mind. Waiting for me with knifes drawn when I close my eyes to rest.

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